Joint Stock Company Trud-Vitebsk

Joint Stock Company Trud-Vitebsk was created in 1971. The company employs an experimental laboratory, preparatory cutting and sewing shops that are equipped with modern high-efficiency equipment.

The main activity of Trud-Vitebsk is the garment manufacturing. In a broad assortment of bed, table linen, workwear, sports game form, branded clothing for employees of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, household textiles (male, female and children's range), kits for baths, saunas and other types of garments own production. The company offers services on tailoring products from raw material, tailoring products to individual customer's design, in cutting tissue.

JSC Trud-Vitebsk, as a manufacturer of garments, is seeking to strengthen its market position. Important strategic task in modern conditions is the development and introduction of new products, new technologies, improve quality and consumer properties of products. All the work the company aims at the subordination of the production of consumers' interests. One of the new products are medical products, products of heraldic subjects (flags).

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